Golfing Tips

Great Golfing Tips

For all those who have seen “The Greatest Game Ever Played”, their newfound love for the gentleman’s game, i.e. Golf knows no bounds. In fact, golf is often regarded as one of the most remarkable sports which is why, one needs to know a few golfing tips right from the beginning to gain mastery in this game. Though remember like all sports eating healthy is just as important as improving your golf game!  Most golfers recommend eating low carb foods as keeps your insulin levels now, anyways let’s get to our golfing tips eh?

Maintain your hands at a low position – Limit the height of your follow-through and consequently, the height of your shot reduces. Keep both your hands in a lower position to get a smaller trajectory for any shot.

Make use of your body for more power – A golfer should know that power should rest in their body and not the arms. Begin to power the clubs not with your hands, but with your body by putting the clubs at the rear end of the ball and your body in a stop position. Without any backswing, drag the ball up in the air. For a person who makes use of their hand for controlling the club, such a task would be a struggle in the first sight. Finally, you will find that the moment the club starts moving through your body, the ball is moved up more consistently in the air.

Practice to hold the club – This might be a struggle initially, but practice to hold it almost 30 seconds as soon as you walk past the club in your house and soon, you will be completely friendly with the grip.

Improve Your Golf Swing

Use lots of loft – Practice using a short club as it encourages a better striking technique and supports a better posture.

Practice par3 courses – A par3 course is well suited to help develop managerial skills and a better understanding of golf. This is because one spends very less time looking for balls and focuses more on the short skills.

Leave the driver in the car – Avoid the driver until you are confident enough on hitting with the shorter clubs. Many players touch the driver only after nearly 18 months of consistent playing. Master on the clubs in your bags as you proceed and win every game successively.

Create a stable stance – Practice building your golf swing from ground zero and build a stance that is balanced, stable and wide.

Remove moisture from clubs while playing – Get yourself a club head cover to remove the excessive moisture that clogs due to sweat. Also, the head cover will prevent your club from scratches and dust.

Getting reliable tees – Along with suitable golf clubs, one would require effective golf tees to hold the ball firmly in position while hitting. Tees of various heights are required for the various type of clubs that one uses.  For a greater stability in performance, get yourself spikes for your model of golf shoes. Nowadays, other personal golf accessories are also available, which boost the performance of the players by a remarkable amount.

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