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Golf tips you Need to know about

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Tip 1: Golf Balance

For better balance its better to create a stance which is wide, solid, stable balanced by placing your head facing the club in a straight line, then make sure you can see the ball even when taking the swing and back. Spread your legs apart and slightly bend your knees.

Tip 2: Golf Power

To become a good golfer it’s vital to know that good and experienced golfers do not derive their power from the arms but by deriving the power from the body.

Tip 3: Develop Perfect Posture

Focus on great posture by slightly bending your Knees, upper body should lean over the ball giving you a clear sight of the ball and the posture, your arms should be in front of you and your feet shoulder apart. The ball should be in equal distance of both the front and bask foot. To develop good golf posture it’s advisable to tilt at your hips and not at your waist

Basic Golf Swing

For beginners it advisable to ensure that your body is firmly planted while taking a swing and during impact. Your body should remain relatively still watching the ball in the follow through. Keep your lead arm as straight as possible as you are bringing back the club and rotating your hips while transitioning all of your weight to the back foot and for the impact your waist should shift while your weight is being shifted to the lead foot. When making a hit its better to keep your eyes on the ball while your hips continue rotating. Your upper torso should face the hole at the end of the swing.

Tip 4: Take Dead Aim

Build your golf swing from the ground up by checking your alignment, every practice session start mastering the pitching wedge and move through your bag of club search one as you go. Avoid using a longer and more difficult club until you are confidently hitting the shorter ones. Practicing using the short club encourages better posture and a cleaner ball striking.

Basic Golf Positioning

Tip 5: Grip

It’s advisable not to hold a club like a baseball bat, it’s better to hold the club in the palm of your lead hand the hand that’s closest to the hole.

You will run your thumb along the grip facing down then you will slide the hand that’s farthest from the hole which is the back hand below your lead hand and making sure your pinky finger from your lead hand is catching the pointy finger of the back hand

To perfect your grip it’s advisable to practice holding the club in the correct position for at least 30 seconds even when you are not playing golf.

Tip 6: Keep Your Hands Low

Limit the ball fight by lowering the hands and will effectively reduce the height of the shots.

Tip 7: Golfing Etiquette

Before you throw down your clubs in frustration or unleash a string of profanity that would make your mother blush, we offer golfing Etiquette that will help you save your sanity.

  1. Try to come early this will give you time to warm up properly,
  2. Look into your bag and check if the short irons, the mid, long irons and the woods are all there.
  3. Its good to finish warming up before hating some wedge and some putts in the practice green
  4. Don’t hit too many balls leaving your game on the practice tee.
  5. Check the scorecard to learn any local rules.
  6. Check for local rules on the score cars and know if these rules apply to the specific rules your are playing, also make sure that everyone is comfortable with the stakes if you are playing with your companion
  7. Make a mark on the ball you are playing and inform the other players the number and type of balls you intend to play.
  8. Don’t run just walk at a reasonable speed between shots.
  9. Study the strength of the wing and direction as you approach the next ball.
  10. Check the lie, visualize your swing and shot, select your club, and then play your shot.
  11. You should only take 30 to 40 seconds from the time you take your club and hitting a shot and if you aren’t ready its better to encourage one of the other players to play.

Maintaining the course:

1) Replace your divots by the toe of your shoe to kick in the turf around the edges of the divot.

On the green, remember:

Don’t step on your fellow players putting.

Volunteer to mark the ball, If your ball is on a player’s line,

Do not distract fellow players, also you are not allowed to make noises when a fellow player is putting or preparing to do so.

If you don’t have a caddie and are asked to tend the flag stick, make sure you aren’t standing on anyone’s line when your caddie is tending on the flag stick also make sure your shadow is not lying on the other player putting line.

The player closest to the hole will tend the flagstick and if you want to lay the flagstick lay it down so not to damage the green.

Walk to the next tee immediately after every one has putted out.

Every one looses and every one is frustrated once in a while golfing but an outburst of temper is quite another. Yelling, throwing clubs, screaming, or making a fool of yourself are unacceptable and dangerous to yourself and others.

In case you hit the ball in the woods and suspect that the ball is lost or out of bound the rules of golf allow you to play a provisional ball or second ball but you have to reach the spot where you think the ball landed and play it but if you fail to find it in a five minute period you are required to declare the ball lost and play a provisional ball with one stroke penalty.

If you hit a tee shot into the woods and suspect that it might be either lost or out-of-bounds, the Rules of Golf allow you to play a second or provisional ball.

If you happen to locate your original ball after you played your provisional ball you must pick up your provisional ball and continue playing in bounds with your original ball.

As a player you have the responsibility of maintaining the safety of the other players, first never hit the ball where you think it might hit other players or a group ahead of you. If the ball lands near other players apologize to them.

As a player, your responsibility is to learn and understand the Rules of Golf.

Offer to pay for refreshments for your fellow players and caddies after a turn however someone else should volunteer to pay for drinks and refreshments at the end of the game

Finally at the end of the game or round shake hands with fellow players congratulate the winners and console the losers and also remember to tip the caddies for the support he has given. Since at the end of the game the pressure in golfing is spending time with your friends; whether new, old or colleagues.

For more golfing tips visit http://www.pga.com

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