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Golf tips you Need to know about

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Tip 1: Golf Balance

For better balance its better to create a stance which is wide, solid, stable balanced by placing your head facing the club in a straight line, then make sure you can see the ball even when taking the swing and back. Spread your legs apart and slightly bend your knees.

Tip 2: Golf Power

To become a good golfer it’s vital to know that good and experienced golfers do not derive their power from the arms but by deriving the power from the body.

Tip 3: Develop Perfect Posture

Focus on great posture by slightly bending your Knees, upper body should lean over the ball giving you a clear sight of the ball and the posture, your arms should be in front of you and your feet shoulder apart. The ball should be in equal distance of both the front and bask foot. To develop good golf posture it’s advisable to tilt at your hips and not at your waist

Basic Golf Swing

For beginners it advisable to ensure that your body is firmly planted while taking a swing and during impact. Your body should remain relatively still watching the ball in the follow through. Keep your lead arm as straight as possible as you are bringing back the club and rotating your hips while transitioning all of your weight to the back foot and for the impact your waist should shift while your weight is being shifted to the lead foot. When making a hit its better to keep your eyes on the ball while your hips continue rotating. Your upper torso should face the hole at the end of the swing.

Tip 4: Take Dead Aim

Build your golf swing from the ground up by checking your alignment, every practice session start mastering the pitching wedge and move through your bag of club search one as you go. Avoid using a longer and more difficult club until you are confidently hitting the shorter ones. Practicing using the short club encourages better posture and a cleaner ball striking.

Basic Golf Positioning

Tip 5: Grip

It’s advisable not to hold a club like a baseball bat, it’s better to hold the club in the palm of your lead hand the hand that’s closest to the hole.

You will run your thumb along the grip facing down then you will slide the hand that’s farthest from the hole which is the back hand below your lead hand and making sure your pinky finger from your lead hand is catching the pointy finger of the back hand

To perfect your grip it’s advisable to practice holding the club in the correct position for at least 30 seconds even when you are not playing golf.

Tip 6: Keep Your Hands Low

Limit the ball fight by lowering the hands and will effectively reduce the height of the shots.

Tip 7: Golfing Etiquette

Before you throw down your clubs in frustration or unleash a string of profanity that would make your mother blush, we offer golfing Etiquette that will help you save your sanity.

  1. Try to come early this will give you time to warm up properly,
  2. Look into your bag and check if the short irons, the mid, long irons and the woods are all there.
  3. Its good to finish warming up before hating some wedge and some putts in the practice green
  4. Don’t hit too many balls leaving your game on the practice tee.
  5. Check the scorecard to learn any local rules.
  6. Check for local rules on the score cars and know if these rules apply to the specific rules your are playing, also make sure that everyone is comfortable with the stakes if you are playing with your companion
  7. Make a mark on the ball you are playing and inform the other players the number and type of balls you intend to play.
  8. Don’t run just walk at a reasonable speed between shots.
  9. Study the strength of the wing and direction as you approach the next ball.
  10. Check the lie, visualize your swing and shot, select your club, and then play your shot.
  11. You should only take 30 to 40 seconds from the time you take your club and hitting a shot and if you aren’t ready its better to encourage one of the other players to play.

Maintaining the course:

1) Replace your divots by the toe of your shoe to kick in the turf around the edges of the divot.

On the green, remember:

Don’t step on your fellow players putting.

Volunteer to mark the ball, If your ball is on a player’s line,

Do not distract fellow players, also you are not allowed to make noises when a fellow player is putting or preparing to do so.

If you don’t have a caddie and are asked to tend the flag stick, make sure you aren’t standing on anyone’s line when your caddie is tending on the flag stick also make sure your shadow is not lying on the other player putting line.

The player closest to the hole will tend the flagstick and if you want to lay the flagstick lay it down so not to damage the green.

Walk to the next tee immediately after every one has putted out.

Every one looses and every one is frustrated once in a while golfing but an outburst of temper is quite another. Yelling, throwing clubs, screaming, or making a fool of yourself are unacceptable and dangerous to yourself and others.

In case you hit the ball in the woods and suspect that the ball is lost or out of bound the rules of golf allow you to play a provisional ball or second ball but you have to reach the spot where you think the ball landed and play it but if you fail to find it in a five minute period you are required to declare the ball lost and play a provisional ball with one stroke penalty.

If you hit a tee shot into the woods and suspect that it might be either lost or out-of-bounds, the Rules of Golf allow you to play a second or provisional ball.

If you happen to locate your original ball after you played your provisional ball you must pick up your provisional ball and continue playing in bounds with your original ball.

As a player you have the responsibility of maintaining the safety of the other players, first never hit the ball where you think it might hit other players or a group ahead of you. If the ball lands near other players apologize to them.

As a player, your responsibility is to learn and understand the Rules of Golf.

Offer to pay for refreshments for your fellow players and caddies after a turn however someone else should volunteer to pay for drinks and refreshments at the end of the game

Finally at the end of the game or round shake hands with fellow players congratulate the winners and console the losers and also remember to tip the caddies for the support he has given. Since at the end of the game the pressure in golfing is spending time with your friends; whether new, old or colleagues.

For more golfing tips visit http://www.pga.com

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Golfing Tips

Great Golfing Tips

For all those who have seen “The Greatest Game Ever Played”, their newfound love for the gentleman’s game, i.e. Golf knows no bounds. In fact, golf is often regarded as one of the most remarkable sports which is why, one needs to know a few golfing tips right from the beginning to gain mastery in this game. Though remember like all sports eating healthy is just as important as improving your golf game!  Most golfers recommend eating low carb foods as keeps your insulin levels now, anyways let’s get to our golfing tips eh?

Maintain your hands at a low position – Limit the height of your follow-through and consequently, the height of your shot reduces. Keep both your hands in a lower position to get a smaller trajectory for any shot.

Make use of your body for more power – A golfer should know that power should rest in their body and not the arms. Begin to power the clubs not with your hands, but with your body by putting the clubs at the rear end of the ball and your body in a stop position. Without any backswing, drag the ball up in the air. For a person who makes use of their hand for controlling the club, such a task would be a struggle in the first sight. Finally, you will find that the moment the club starts moving through your body, the ball is moved up more consistently in the air.

Practice to hold the club – This might be a struggle initially, but practice to hold it almost 30 seconds as soon as you walk past the club in your house and soon, you will be completely friendly with the grip.

Improve Your Golf Swing

Use lots of loft – Practice using a short club as it encourages a better striking technique and supports a better posture.

Practice par3 courses – A par3 course is well suited to help develop managerial skills and a better understanding of golf. This is because one spends very less time looking for balls and focuses more on the short skills.

Leave the driver in the car – Avoid the driver until you are confident enough on hitting with the shorter clubs. Many players touch the driver only after nearly 18 months of consistent playing. Master on the clubs in your bags as you proceed and win every game successively.

Create a stable stance – Practice building your golf swing from ground zero and build a stance that is balanced, stable and wide.

Remove moisture from clubs while playing – Get yourself a club head cover to remove the excessive moisture that clogs due to sweat. Also, the head cover will prevent your club from scratches and dust.

Getting reliable tees – Along with suitable golf clubs, one would require effective golf tees to hold the ball firmly in position while hitting. Tees of various heights are required for the various type of clubs that one uses.  For a greater stability in performance, get yourself spikes for your model of golf shoes. Nowadays, other personal golf accessories are also available, which boost the performance of the players by a remarkable amount.

If you loved our golfing tips check out golftipsmag.com


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Great Keto Food

Having trouble getting fit on the green? Fix your diet!

Are you currently a meat lover but have to slim down? You very well may end up inside a dilemma since many diets available limit the consumption of meat along with other fatty food items due to high body fat content and calories too. With nevertheless, individuals who have to slim down no more need to be happy with eating carrot stays or lettuce as you are now able to enjoy their most favorite sausage and egg while still slimming down. The ketogenic diet, which once offered being an epileptic prevention diet plan, has become getting used by individuals who require to reduce excess fat. You will find 2 types the “long chain triglycerides” (LCT) and also the medium chain triglycerides (MCT).

Ketogenic Diet Overview

Check this site out for more helpful keto weight reduction tips. Remember that keto is rather new and the information you are reading may or may not be a standard according to recent scientific findings.

Inside a normal diet, humans have to consume greater levels of carbohydrates because this functions as power source for your system to have the ability to work well and fewer of body fat as fats are just saved in your body like a reserve when ever your body needs more fuel. Because the body requires more carbohydrates, it processes the meals group first and therefore one feels hungry before long which isn’t so within the situation of wearing down foods which are full of body fat content. We also recommend taking a look at the various low carb friendly foods.

Within the ketogenic diet, this theory is corrected. One will have to consume greater quantity of fats and trick your body into recognizing it has inadequate quantity of glucose to ensure that it might breakdown the fats first and convert these into energy. The very first diet the LCT handles high body fat – low carbohydrates with sufficient protein. Calories are restricted and fluid intake might be taken into account too. The strict diet usually utilizes strict diet plans with the dieter’s calorie and protein needs each day. They are then split into several foods during the day that are created by dietitians.

Within the Medium or MCT diet, your food plans are less strict and structured particularly when it involves the calorie prescription however, dieters should stay with your food plan making the required substitute when needed. Unlike the LCT which utilizes complex fats, the MCT utilizes fats which have greater ketones, typically the most popular of using coconut oil. Some dieters develop intolerance using the MCT diet as a result, dietitians take advantage from the John Radcliffe diet. The John Radcliffe weight loss program is a mix of LCT (30%) and MCT (30%) ration using the relaxation originating from protein and carbohydrates.

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Tiger Woods

How important is fitness to a golfer?

There are 3 main categories that many people believe are essential to become a great golfer. This includes Power, Muscle, & balance. We will cover all 3 of these topics in depths and include some great resources to help you get the help you need to obtain your desired results.

Time is a precious commodity when it comes to golfing. We have to set aside time for practice, play and training in addition to managing our work, our households as well as other priorities and interests. Training ought to be a compliment to our households and other priorities and interests. Training should be a compliment to our total process of development to get a better sport. Let’s maintain issues easy when it comes to golfing training by concentrating on those things which could make a solid difference within the shortest time period.

Performing too small is the exact same as performing as well a lot. In both case, this is not a effective method. Overtraining is a typical problem amongst elite athletes and it isn’t any various for golfing. The body requirements an opportunity for restore, remodeling and development so give it proper relaxation to determine the very best outcomes. The opposite impact can also occur that is carrying out as well little. If you follow one of the ideas of progressive resistance then you definitely should always use resistance that’s higher than what your body is accustomed to.


Power is based on your inner core. The abdominal muscle tissues ought to never be educated in isolation because they are never an isolated movement in golfing. Core coaching serves because the basis for strength, power, speed and all elements of motion. When carrying out rotational actions, make sure you established your body within the correct place first. Start by establishing great posture. Particularly, this means placing your ft about shoulder width aside with chest up, shoulders back again and down and navel pulled in. This creates a strong place which actively engages the main so you can achieve optimum training results. When performing rotational movements like wooden chops and medicine ball tosses, always verify to create certain your actions are core driven. If you’re really trying to get past that next rep you should try Testo XL Muscle Enhancer.

Increasing your power: Strong Lifts


Muscle integration is exceptional to isolation. Functional coaching for golfing is really a method that focuses on coaching the body the way it’ll be utilized whenever you compete or perform. This tends to make it probably the most effective and efficient type of coaching these days. Functional training improves athletic capability, improves overall performance, and reduces injuries while developing golfing particular motion patterns. The goal becomes not only the development of much more effective patterns of movement, but endurance patterns as well so the movement features a much better possibility of becoming repeated swing following swing.

Increasing your muscle: Workout AceMens Fitness Workout


Balance is an essential element. Stability comes in numerous forms whenever you believe about golf training. Every golfer should try for enhanced stability by evaluating strength and flexibility discrepancies searching for opportunities of self enhancement. Take a look at your body as person segments evaluating your top fifty percent for your bottom. How strong is your upper body in comparison to your reduce physique? How does the strength of your mid section compare to the power of your reduce back? Subsequent, consider a glance at your flexibility. How is the rotation of your shoulder joints in your still left arm compared to your right? Is your left side less versatile than your correct? Is your reduce body tighter than your upper body? Every of those assessments are concerns in looking for a higher functioning, much more balanced body for golfing. Weaknesses create opportunities for accidents to creep in as well as ways for your body to perform much less optimally.

Increasing your balance: Mayo Clinic

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West Virginia Golf

Golfing in West Virginia

West Virginia tends to be considered a coller area than the majority of the mid-Atlantic states. West Virginia golf courses are generally in great situation year-round (before and after the snow, obviously). One of the best courses you could encounter is the Palmer Course at Stonewall Resort (Mountain Lakes).  Hilly, tight and accented by lakes, Stonewall’s prices remain nicely beneath $100 and also the vacation resort has a lot to offer for all family members. Also worth the West Va. go to will be the Raven Course at Snowshoe Mountain (Potomac Highlands), a Gary Player creation exactly where whitetail deer, Canada geese, beavers, foxes, rabbits, and the occasional black bear are associates of the course’s sanctuary.

The typical greens fees stay under $150 and package offers via the resort are available. Of numerous noteworthy West Virginia courses, the 90-plus-year-old Greenbrier golf program is particularly notable; it is hosted a Ryder Cup and was home to golfing legend Sam Snead.

Other great locations include Pikewood National, Pete G.C and the Williams C.C. Weirton!

But what about equipment? Well you can either buy it or rent it, its really up to you.

We’ll be covering everything Golf here at WVG!

Thanks for stopping by!

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